We have a team of professionals that can advise you on any legal issue.

Civil Real Estate Law/Purchase or Sale of Housing

As experts in legal advice and purchase and sale management, we search for properties and provide advice, looking out for our clients’ best interests. We also review the legality of properties, avoiding potentially abusive clauses and defending all parties respective rights at all times, whether they are buyers or sellers.

We settle and resolve private conflicts arising between individuals.

Amongst other procedures, we focus on: Earnest money contracts, Notaries, the Treasury Delegation, Legal Documents, Registers, Capital Gains.

Commercial and Corporate Law/ Creation of Companies

We offer all of our clients, from small and medium-sized companies to more consolidated groups, full legal advice. Legal Services:

  • Commercial Register.
  • Company Law.
  • Legal assistance to the Board of Directors.
  • Defense of Partners.
  • Company acquisition.
  • Industrial Property.
  • Statutory Modifications.
  • Dissolution and liquidation of companies.
  • Mergers.
  • Insurance.
  • Bankruptcy Law.
  • Commercial contracts.
  • Banking law.

We know that time management and effectiveness are essential for success in business and as a result, they are high priority for us.

Administrative and Urban Planning Law/ Procedures with administrations

We are responsible for representing our clients before all local governments and public administrations, advising them and managing all the issues that affect them and resolving however many urban planning problems that arise.

  • Permits.
  • Sanctions.
  • Procedures against the Administration.
  • Grants and aid.
  • Environment.
  • Expropiations.
  • Economic-administrative complaints.
  • Community problems.
    • Development plans.
    • Detailed studies.
    • Urban planning licenses.
    • Compensation boards.
    • Land Redivision Projects.
    • PERI (Special Plans and Refurbishment Plans).
    • Expropiations.
    • Challenges and allegations to the General Urban Ordinance Plan.

Immigration Law

We have accumulated vast amounts of experience in regularising the foreigners’ legal status in Spain through different existing channels, such as through work contracts or settlement.

  • Residence permits.
  • Restoration of the family unit.
  • Deportation.
  • Right to asylum.
  • Advice for self-employed persons.

Autonomous Counseling

We are specialists in advising self-employed workers. We offer comprehensive advice and from the first moment, we guarantee the viability and sustainability of your business (Certificate of Fitness for Work, accounting, grants, prevention…).

Power of attorney: When necessary, we offer clients the possibility of power of attorney and the ability to deal with your transactions on your behalf.

Wills: We advise and resolve your problems, taking care of them on your behalf if you are abroad. Ensuring that your will is recognised in Spain can be a slow and expensive process, so leaving it in the hands of a local, prepared team is the best solution.

Negotiations with banks

We work with the most prestigious banks and financial institutions in the country.

We handle Spanish floor clauses and reclaim sales expenses.

Accounts: We open and handle accounts for both residents and non-residents.

Mortgages:* We collaborate will all financial entities in Spain.

Loans:* Free investment and private capital.

*(Further information in the Financial section)

Visas and Residences

We ensure that work and residence permits, as well as necessary visas, are processed appropriately for each individual case. Our team of advisors ensures compliance with the different legal requirements of the transferred employee and the company.

Some of the visas, work and residence permits that we process are:

  • Residence Cards for family member of an EU citizen.
  • Work and residence permits.
  • Residence permits.
  • Vander Elst Visa (visas for citizens from third world countries for the lending of a temporary service in Germany).
  • Investor visa for Spain.
  • Business visa for Spain.
  • Business visa for other countries.
  • Work visa for other countries.

Advice about insourcing

If you are interested in opening a branch or a subsidiary in other countries, we can advise you on the entire process, from the creation of a new company abroad or the registration of a subsidiary to the business’s launch.

  • Exports/Imports.
  • We help entrepreneurs to internationalise their business through exports and imports, including logistics.
  • Internationalisation. We help entrepreneurs to internationalise their business through exports and imports, including logistics.

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