Financial advice

We have a team of professionals that will advise you on any legal matter.


At Palacios & Associates Advisors, we work with financial and banking entities across the country and are experts in loans and mortgages. We offer a wide range of proposals and conditions to choose from, which can be adapted to the specific needs and circumstances of our clients.

Why choose Palacios & Associates Advisors for a mortgage in Spain?

Palacios & Associates Advisors has operated in Spain since 1999 and has successfully completed more than 3600 mortgage loan cases, making us one of the most experienced and specialised Spanish mortgage advice companies in Spain. We can negotiate special terms for clients that are not available directly from the banks.


Do you need money?

We are experts in obtaining financing for any project, development or purchase of an already developed project.

Grant Obtention and Management.

Financing from private capital and investors.

With a focus on commercial and residential loan division and managed assets, we protect your economic interests in guaranteed and unguaranteed loans. We are there for the entire process from the negotiation and preparation of the letter of financial commitment and loan documents to the determination of warranty ownership and the assessment position priority to prepare the security plans.

Investment management

We have an expert investment team that offers our clients the best investment proposals, valuing and verifying the suitability of real estate, land and businesses. We analyse legal, economic and commercial aspects as well as potential risk factors, examining the respective solutions in each case.

We have business projects with demonstrable production willing to offer high profitability for your money.


We open accounts for residents and non-residents.

Advice for self-employed persons

We offer the best legal service for entrepreneurs and self-employed persons in all matters, including social security, tax statuses for self-employed workers and different relationships with the Administration. We look out for the business owner’s peace of mind, as well as the constitution and registration of foreign companies and the process of implementing Spanish companies abroad.

Insurance advice

We act as a mediator for the most prestigious insurance companies, offering a wide range of services at competitive prices with the best conditions for our clients, advising them and managing their insurance to avoid future worries.

- Liability Insurance

- Home Insurace

- Vehicle Insurace

- Business Insurance

At Palacios&AssociatesAdvisors we have the following insurance brokers:

Financial Entities

We provide advice regarding AID, GRANTS AND PRIVATE CAPITAL LOANS.

At Palacios&AssociatesAdvisors we have the following financial entities:

Purchase - Sale

We provide help in properties and real estate, businesses, projects and investments.

European Funds

We manage grants for European funds; European Structural and Investment Funds. These funds are earmarked for investment to create jobs and a sustainable and healthy European economy and environment. The European Structural and Investment Funds are concentrated mainly in 5 sectors: research and innovation, digital technologies, hypocarbonic economy, sustainable management of natural resources and small companies. We provide comprehensive advice on behalf of institutional and private clients.

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