About us

PALACIOS & ASSOCIATES ADVISORS was founded by Rodrigo Palacios, who wanted to use his knowledge and experience to offer integral advice in financial, legal, fiscal and investment matters.

Today we have a large team of associate lawyers who specialise in all sectors and branches of law. This allows us to fulfil all our clients’ needs and ensure a guaranteed satisfaction result. We provide a personal and direct customer service, where we offer professional advice and management through the most modern techniques. We want to assist you with your case whilst providing you with a personalised service.

At Palacios & Associates Advisors, we attend to the needs of both individuals and companies, large or small, with the same philosophy whilst still adapting to the specific needs of our different clientele.

We are experts in obtaining financing for any project through bank or private capital. With years of experience in this sector, we are specially trained to evaluate the best way of obtaining your mortgage or private loan and frequently collaborate with financial entities and investment funds.

Up to 100% financing, condition improvement, house change, self-construction, promotion, loans for liquidity, leasing, renting etc...

We carry out a no-commitment Fesiability study which presents you with the different options that are available in less than 48 hours.

We want to be your Mortgage Advisor and Manager!

Services we offer

Rodrigo Palacios

CEO and Legal Advisor

Palacios & Associates Advisors It is created as a result of a history of experiences at the hands of Rodrigo Palacios in order to offer comprehensive advice on financial, legal, tax and investment matters. After having prepared academically at the universities of FIU school of Bussines, UM School of Bussines and Law and then at Gold Coast School of Real Estate and having made his first experiences in the United States he decided to continue his professional career in his native country here in Spain. I enter the financial and banking world working in the most prestigious financial institutions and international category.

He touched all the departments of the entities growing professionally and was very close to all activity related to the real estate sector of the country, helping to overcome the various incidents in both sectors. He decided to become independent by creating his first financial and real estate services company for companies and individuals. Seeing the various difficulties encountered in the financial and real estate system, he began to associate with the most prestigious legal services companies in the area and thus learned from a Spanish legal system that would help him overcome so many situations encountered along the way.

After having prepared legally for the courses taught by the UNED, he proceeded to the creation of Palacios & Associates Advisors, a company specialized in the Legal, Financial and Investment services of the Area, thus giving advice comprehensive, covering all the needs of our customers.

Frequent questions

1Why should you trust Palacios & Associates?

Because our 20 years of experience speaks for itself and because we deal with a wide variety of issues on a daily basis. Also don’t forget that we have collaborations with consultants and entities across Spain that allow us to resolve any problems that arise and to manage all of our clients’ requirements, wherever they are in the country.

2How can I make an enquiry?

We would be delighted to respond to your enquiry either by telephone, please call 951 51 60 82 or 636 50 68 75, by email or in person at our office. To arrange to discuss your case face-to-face, please make an appointment with our office.

3What kind of details do I need to provide in my enquiry to get the best feedback about my case?

We would need personal details, including your name, surname, address and contact details, as well as a brief description about the case at hand and any data or documents that you think are relevant.

4Can I contract your services from abroad?

Of course! Get in touch with us and we will do our best to advise you no matter where you are in the world. We can take care of all the processes you require and explain the necessary procedures so that we can best represent you in front of the appropriate Administration or Entity.

5What is the process for contracting your services?

The process would involve an initial communication to get to grips with your case, a study completed by us and then a corresponding price estimate. As soon as you accept our estimated price, we consider you to have contracted our services.